Android native development

Google Android team finally released (beta, of course, but it’s Google after all) Android NDK (for Native Development Kit). Thanks to this you can write Android applications in non-managed languages (such as C, or C++) and get your own native ARM code running on Android phone.

This is not a “real” native toolkit - you still need Dalvik, as NDK allows you to create only libraries, but this is still very significant - for two reasons actually. First one is of course speed - marketing efforts aside, even such clever VM as Dalvik cannot match native code in many scenarios. There is however another, much more important in my (humble) opinion, reason - and it’s software porting. Most of the interesting mobile software had been written in C, or C++ - and rewriting all that stuff in Java, especially in the case of open source projects, was simply too costly or time consuming. Now it will be much easier - so expect a sudden surge in number of interesting and usefull Android applications in coming months. Me? Well, I want Android version of VICE. Or perhaps we should do it, hmmm…?

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