Android workshop

Android is a magic word after all. I was afraid that there almost no one would be interested in attending the MOPS workshop that we (means - we, Polidea - co-organized last Monday and Tuesday at the BRAMA Laboratory of the Warsaw University of Technology. Academic semester ended just last week, so all students were naturally (or so I thought) interested only in getting their exams right. Well, it seems that there are more important things in life and our workshop was one of them. Perhaps because it was about Android application development, or maybe because one could meet Google engineers face to face, or just because Kuba Lipi??ski was overseeing entire affair and he is really good. Well, people might have flocked also hoping to see a glimpse of Android G2 phone ‚?? but we had not advertised that… Anyway, there were more participants than places we had prepared :-)

The first day of MOPS was definitely less popular ‚?? probably due to the more dull and businesslike title. ‚??Benchmarking mobile platform‚?Ě does not sound sexy. But it was cool actually ‚?? we organized a usability competition (between iPhone, Symbian, Android and OpenMoko) with live video for the audience. And guess what? OpenMoko lost… I have an itch to actually repeat entire exercise in more controlled environment (including also Windows Mobile). In fact it might even deserve describing in a more official report or a scientific paper. Hmmm… Right, time to get to work.

Kuba Lipi??ski and Android disciples
Kuba Lipinski and Android disciples

What? Dark iPhone screen?
What? Dark iPhone screen?

Oh, and we had discussion panel too. Moderated by yours truly…
Oh, and we had discussion panel too. Moderated by yours truly...

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